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Think Fit

Jul 28, 2019

So Robo wanted to talk about time (again) without realising that he brought up the same topic only a few episodes ago so instead we talk about how to ensure you are set up to use the time that you do have available. 

We look at being realistic with yourself, understanding that there is often more time that goes into...

Jul 21, 2019

It is all too easy to beat yourself up when you miss a gym session or grab a sneaky mac attack on your way home. These little missteps can often lead to feelings of failure or needing to 'reset' next Monday.

This week we want to emphasise that being healthy and losing weight isn't as simple as a pass/fail and that by...

Jul 14, 2019

We all know it... Sleep is extremely important for our health and our weight. But forget the fancy science, this week we talk about how to develop good habits around sleep to make sure it doesn't affect your weight.

We discuss ways to help get to sleep, ways to know if you are too tired or just being a bit of a sook. We...

Jul 7, 2019

While Robo is busy living it up on the Amalfi Coast we wanted to use the opportunity to present another podcast that we both love. Brett Robbo is a former guest on Think Fit and works with MX Endurance as a Mindset Expert.

He presents his incredible weekly podcast to help inspire people to be the best versions of...