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Think Fit

Jul 15, 2018

We are all different. We have different bodies, metabolism, talents, jobs, families, backgrounds and preferences of peanut butter. What takes 2 weeks for one person might take 2 years for another. That doesn't mean that either person is any better or worse than anyone else.

This week we discuss how important it is to accept that your weight loss journey will take exactly as long as it will take. Not as long as it took Tim, or as long as it took that guy from Subway that turned out to be a bad bloke...

Once you can accept that there are no shortcuts, that in order to be successful you will need to put in the hard yards, you will have an easier time of it. But hey! This is Think Fit BABY! We do what we can to make it easier for you to be successful! So this week we talk all about the ways you can become better at accepting that good things take time.

We talk about the importance of being honest about what you need to achieve and how you need to achieve it, being nice to yourself and supporting yourself through the process, the importance of understanding where you currently are. Another important point is that just because you accept something doesn't mean you have to like it. 

What this episode really comes down to is that it is impossible to force yourself or someone else to accept anything. You can do things to make it easier but the sooner you realise that it is a process you need to work through, the sooner you can focus your efforts on getting in shape!

For recommendations this week, Robo recommends Fartlek running and Tim recommends developing a strong relationship with your healthcare professionals. 

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