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Think Fit

Jun 17, 2018

Losing Weight is an incredible achievement. It requires sacrifice, determination and lots of hard work. If you have listened to this show before you will know that we firmly believe that there are no short-cuts or easy ways to lose weight. But what you might not know is that most people who lose a significant amount of weight put it back on.

Why is it so common for people to put their weight back on? What is it about keeping the weight off that is so hard?

This leads us to our topic for this week, which one is more difficult? Losing weight in the first place or keeping it off? Tim having lost weight and never put it back on argues that it is harder to lose the weight in the first place because of all the drastic changes that you need to make in the first place to lose weight and because there are so many people who struggle to lose weight at all. Robo, however, thinks that keeping the weight off is harder as you lose motivation and focus once you reach your goals or your results start to taper off and life gets in the way.

Robo provides his tips on how to keep the weight off by using goal setting and Tim provides some practical tips to know when you might be starting to slip.

For our recommendations this week, Robo recommends his blog and the 10-week journey he is about to embark on. He is inviting members of our patreon to follow him as he tries to get his own weight back to where it should be. Tim recommends the FIFA World Cup and using the early morning games (in Australia ) to help develop new and good habits.

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