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Think Fit

Jul 22, 2018

How often do you hear someone talk about how they aren't motivated to train or they are super motivated to get in shape? It is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Accountability is equally important but not something we like to talk about quite as much.

This week we wanted to know why that is. Why do we all talk about motivation? What is better at making us be healthy? Is it all about motivation or is it about being accountable? We talk about things like, what is motivation? Why does it run out? What is motivating? Is there such a thing as negative motivation?

We then turn our attention to accountability. Being held accountable is something that can certainly lead to getting things done but does that mean that it is motivating or is it something else? We try to work out which one is more important and more effective at keeping you on track.

This was an incredibly interesting conversation to be part of as lots of the things we spoke about made us think about 15 other things. At the end of the show, we try and provide some tips to use motivation to reach your goals too.

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